SLEEPWORKING: Audience award at Full Moon Festival in Romania!


I am incredibly proud to announce that SLEEPWORKING won the Best Short Film Award at the wonderful Full Moon Fantasy and Horror Festival in Romania during August. This prize means even more to us as it was our first win by audience vote, so I want to thank all those who were kind enough to choose us. It’s a very special accolade. As an emerging film maker I feel particularly encouraged by this vote. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to make more, better, and longer films and return in years to come (perhaps in person!). That said, this is a team effort and a team win. As ever, I want to thank my exemplary cast and crew for their now multi award-winning efforts. A finer bunch of women and men you couldn’t hope to have on your film set! Well deserved back slaps all round.

Furthermore, SLEEPWORKING’s strong festival run continues to gather steam with four new acceptances in the last week alone: the film will now screen at the mighty Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2013 in Sweden from 26th of September until Oct 5th, Manchester’s essential Grimmfest 2013 (2nd-6th of October), as well as première South American Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest and, finally, HorrorQuest 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Onwards and upwards. To infinity and beyond!

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >SLEEPWORKING: Audience award at Full Moon Festival in Romania!

    | Gavin Williams <Loved it!

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