SLEEPWORKING: QUIET EARTH Review and “Making Of” Article

The Quiet Earth is very fine genre film news, reviews, and articles hub and the SLEEPWORKING team were absolutely delighted when they awarded the film their eponymous prize along with the Best Film award at the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire in Paris a few weeks ago. Now they have posted a lovely review of the film, as well as giving me a platform to talk about the film’s genesis, influences, and the scarily demanding shoot. Here’s a sample…

“Everything in this little gem is what I like in modern science-fiction. Essentially fueled by the return to subtle effects, and a general aesthetics bordering more on the “realisme fantastique” of the french sixties and literary anticipation than your usual “oh look giant robots fist fucking lizards”-hypefest of retina destroying visuals. Being human in a different world not so far away from ours, basically Art as a way not only to entertain but also to explore the limits and boundaries of our condition.”

And a few of my musings…

“SLEEPWORKING depicts a cool-yet-nightmarish Kubrickian world five minutes down the line from our own, but it also explores a range of contemporary issues. In this future when you’re a sleepworker you literally have to graft every hour in the day, which isn’t too far from today’s post-crash dystopia where we’re constantly afraid for our jobs. We worry whether we’ll be able to support our families if we don’t agree to this agonising overtime, or take on grinding extra hours. In our world globalized business already mercilessly exploits its work force, turning us into sleepwalking drones. SLEEPWORKING uses genre tropes to explore themes of exploitation, madness, and greed. It’s not about five minutes in the future. It’s about here and now and we’re all sleepworkers.”

Read the full article HERE!

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