SLEEPWORKING wins all the awards…


… Well, not really, but it has been a wonderful few months for our film. First, SLEEPWORKING won the Audience Award for Best Short at the National Irish Science Fiction Film Festival 2013 (our trophy is the extremely spiffy steampunk ray gun seen to the left and below). Then we were awarded the Prix du Jury at the vast Utopiales Festival International de Science Fiction in Nantes (which would be the elegant glass monolith). THEN we won both Best Director at the Salty Horror Film Festival 2013 in Salt Lake City AND Best Short Cinematography at the HorrorQuest Film Festival 2013. Which brings our tally to seven awards and thirty-five festival screenings!


As ever, I must pay tribute to my exemplary cast and crew. An undertaking as complex as SLEEPWORKING is the work of many hands, and the hands helping me were the best in the business.

On a personal note, for many years I wrote commissioned screenplays for broadcasters, television channels and productions companies which never saw the light of day. It was like writing in a sealed room. No one ever got to experience the work and decide whether they liked it or loathed it. SLEEPWORKING is the first time my filmmaking has actually gone out into the world, and audiences are finally getting the chance to make up their own minds. That feels like a mighty fine award in itself. The icing on the cake is that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been a great 2013.

Pew! Pew! pew! IMAG0742IMAG0734

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